Xiaodi Guo, PhD   CSO, EVP, Research and Development

Dr.Guo oversees Global Research & Development, Clinical Affairs and Regulatory Affairs and is responsible for driving the growth of generics and specialty pipeline. Dr. Guo is one of the co-founder of Prinston. He has over 27 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry with extensive scientific experience in developing complex pharmaceutical product of special dosage formsand delivery system. Xiaodi has deep expertise across nearly all dosage formsand demonstrated strength in the growth of company pipeline and portfolio.

Prior to joining Prinston, he is Vice President at Abrika Pharmaceutical, and held R&D leadership roles at Banner and Barr Lab (now Teva). Xiaodi holds a PhD from University of Texas at Austin. He also holds several patents and has published research in various publications.

Hai Wang   President, Solco Healthcare

Hai is a seasoned pharmaceutical executive with over 25 years of proven experience in both generic and branded pharmaceutical industry. He has played leadership rule in business development, strategy, corporate management, licensing, operation/supply chain management, sales and marketing in the entire businesss pectrum from APIs to finished dosage forms. Hai heads up Solco's business andoperations. He is also a senior management team member of Prinston Pharmaceutical Inc. and Huahai US Inc. with responsibility of driving strategic growth for the Company in the finished products.

Prior to joining Solco, Hai was the Senior Vice President in Business Development and Marketing at Prinston Pharmaceutical, Inc. He has also co-founded Huahai US, Inc. and held senior management positions there. Hai began his career as a chemist at Vintage Pharmaceutical. He then worked at Pfizer for eight years in various roles with increasing capacities. Hai holds a Bachelor of Pharmaceutical Science degreefrom East China University of Science and Technology, a Master of Sciencedegree in Chemistry from East Tennessee State University, and a Master of Business Administration degree from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - The Lally School of Management and Technology.

Minfa Wang, PhD   SVP, Analytical & QC Operation

Dr.Wang, is responsible for Analytical R&D and QC operation at Prinston since 2006. She is one of the co-founders of Prinston. Dr. Wang has over 20 years of pharmaceutical industry experience with extensive scientific and technical expertise on analytical development including comprehensive knowledge in regulatory compliance.

Prior to joining Prinston she was Scientist of Quality Management at Pliva (now Teva); prior to Pliva she was Analytical team leader at Elite Pharmaceutical. Dr.Wang holds PhD in Analytical Chemistry from City University of New York, and M.S. of Chemical Engineering from Tsinghua University (Beijing).

Lesley Zhu   SVP, Business Development &Portfolio

Lesley has over 25 years of pharmaceutical industry experience. She has been instrumental in driving Prinston pipeline selection, business and corporate development. Prior to joining Prinston she was Senior Director of Portfolio at Teva where she made a significant contribution to development pipeline selection and execution. Prior to Teva, Lesley held number of management positions in project management, strategy & operation, and regulatory affairs at Sandoz.   

Lesley holds Master of Science in Chemistry and Master of Business Administration from University of Missouri.

Jon M. Bill, Jr.   VP & General Manager of Prinston Laboratories

With 30 years of experience in pharmaceutical & high purity chemicals industry, Jon manages day-to-day activities at Prinston Laboratories, Prinston's Contract Manufacturing division.   

Prior to joining Prinston, he spent 12 years at Dynamic Engineering culminating as VP of Engineering &Technology. Prior to that Jon was with Bayer Corp. for 12 years at various sites and positions. Jon graduated from Purdue University & has a Master of Science in Chemical Engineering.

Eric Wen-Chien Tsai, PhD    General Manager, Prinbury BioPharm

Eric joined Prinbury BioPharm as General Manager in 2009, wholly owned subsidiary of Prinston, a Research and Development center located in Shanghai China. In this role he leads the R&D efforts has been making significant contribution to Prinston pipeline growth.   

Eric came to the company with strong technical expertise and management skills. He spent over 20 years at Merck served in scientific and management roles at Pharmaceutical R&D from pre-clinical to late stage formulation development. As an expatriate , he managed an integrated Pharmaceutical R&D organizationin Japan (Merck-Banyu). His group made significant contribution to the approval of some Merck block buster drugs.

Eric holds PhD in Analytical Chemistry from University of Texas.